Meeting Room Digital Signage Software To Display Attractive Screens

Meeting room digital signage software ensures better presentations, collaboration, and clarity in ideas and plans. Cloud-based event conference management

meeting room digital signage

Make Your Meetings Clear, Interactive and Efficient.

What is Digital Signage?

It's everywhere but not everyone is sure what it is. You will see meeting room digital signage on roads, restaurants, retail stores, airports, museums, and other public places. It is a technology used by many different industries in different ways. Mostly it is LCD, LED, and projections used for wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor advertising. But at Pxier, we use a cloud-based software solution that uses display screens as meeting room digital signages to make boardroom conferences more informative, interactive, and easy.

Pxier signage A Integrated digital signage solution for meeting rooms

meeting room digital signage

Manage all your digital signs from Pxier Event Portal

Managing meeting room digital signage and conference room facilities requires a tightly integrated solution that keeps up with daily and hourly changes to event bookings and reservation changes. With the Pxier Meeting Room Digital Signage solution, your administrator can manage all your digital signs from a single, centralized pxier cloud-based event software dashboard. Pxier Meeting Room Digital Signage portal gives you a quick overview of the number of digital displays in use, make adjustments, take it off-line, etc.

System users can make changes on Pxier meeting room management software and these change automatically reflect on the corresponding meeting room digital Signage devices.

meeting room digital signage

Manage Multiple templates

Meeting room digital signage software comes with a complete template editor and management tool. You can create and maintain a unique layout for your meeting room's digital displays. Display the company's logo, colors, font, and images to adhere to the taste and branding of your organization.

meeting room digital signage

Display Precise information about meeting

Enhance your boardroom meeting experiences and improve the efficiency of your meetings with Pxier's digital signages. Ensure better presentations, collaboration, and clarity in ideas and plans.

Pxier meeting room digital signage solution will automatically display the logo of your client if uploaded and available on Pxier meeting room software. Upload the logo once to the client's profile and we will display the logo every time this customer has a meeting at your facility.

In addition to the client logo, Pxier meeting room digital signage solution can be customized to display other relevant information like meeting name, meeting time, organizer name and contact, upcoming meeting, notes, and other information available for the event in event booking software.

meeting room digital signage

One Software Platform to Manage Events and Conference

With Pxier Event Booking Software, you don't need to maintain and pay a fee for multiple software subscriptions. Pxier Event software platform has event booking and reservation management, proposal, contracts, eSignature, online event booking, online event registration, meeting room digital signage, catering and many other features that work together to enhance both your's and your client's experience.

meeting room digital signage

Cloud-Based Synchronization

Pxier's meeting room digital signage is a Amazon AWS backed cloud-based software solution, which means that everything is run online. Any update you make is instantly stored and can be accessed from any device connected to the internet.

meeting room digital signage

Hardware of your choice

Pxier's meeting room digital signage solution can run any browser based devices. If you already have PC based devices, you can continue to use them. You can also download our Digital signage App from Google Play for Android based devices or Apple store for IPad devices. Administrator can control and manage connectivity between rooms and devices. If your facility have option to split and merge rooms, this can be configured in the system and Pxier's meeting room digital signage solution will display exactly this information.

meeting room digital signage

Television Display with Amazon Fire

If you would like to display overview of all meeting going on front-desk or other sections of the hotel, our solution allow you to simply plug in an Amazon Fire stick into the television and your digital signage solution is ready to go! No need to run long wires or rearrangement of devices.

meeting room digital signage

No Third-Party Tools or subscriptions Required

With Pxier's meeting room digital signage solution, you don't need any third-party tools or support. Our solution has all the digital tools you need and requires no additional software. One integrated platform which runs seamlessly from the get-go.

meeting room digital signage

24X7 Support

Our software and solutions backed by 24 X 7 support by expert customer service team. Currently, we support in English, French and Spanish languages.

meeting room digital signage

Walkthrough with specialist

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meeting room digital signage

Try it yourself

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