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Online meeting rooms and wedding hall reservation software.
Classified listing and catering reservation.
Pxier can be integrated to your webpage.

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Pxier Event Booking Software

event booking software

Integrate with your website our plug and play module.

event booking software

Configure what your customers can view and reserve

event booking software

Integrate secure payment options

event booking software

Accept online leads and reservations

Online Event Booking Software Module

Pxier Online Meeting Room Reservation can be a stand alone module or integrated with Pxier event management software which allow meeting room and wedding receiption hall facilities to expose their available rooms, services and menu to their customer through their own website and pxier online listing You can configure system to collect full or partial secure payment online and receive notification and manage online reservation with our portal.

event booking software

Online Event Booking Software Advantage

Businesses and organizations are constantly looking to improve, be it for increased sales or managing services efficiently with limited resources. Pxier Online reservation option provides this very advantage. Pxier offers quality event booking software solution to every organization, no matter how small or big they are.

event booking software

No more 9 to 5 working hours

Pxier online reservation option allows businesses or organizations to let their end customers book online. Potential customers have the option to reserve online 24 x 7 and are not limited to any business hours. You or your staff does not need to be at the office desk, in front of a computer or on a phone to book or reserve an event or a room. This is a simple yet power feature to build your brand and reach out to new potential customers.

event booking software

Simple Integration

Offer online booking from your own website. Simply configure your Pxier account with the options you would like to offer to your online users. Customers can search for available halls or rooms for their events, select from available options, any services and rentals, pay online and even send out notification emails to the customer about their bookings. Easily offer packages or let customer build their own and even customize terms and conditions. Facility management does have the option to review online reservation before accepting or rejecting any request.

event booking software

Complete Solution

There are two ways to offer this option. Subscribe for the complete Pxier Banquet & Event cloud solution or just the online reservation option. The complete solution includes modules for customer management, event management, Catering, contract and invoice management, marketing, social media integration, QuickBooks integration, payment integration and much more. Your staff can use these features to efficiently manage one or more facilities. With this option you can import customer, event, menu and rental and services details to your Pxier account with just a few clicks.

event booking software

Free Classified Listing

Online room reservation option is for facilities interested in offering online booking to potential customers and managing rest of the process themselves. With Pxier online reservation options you will also be listed in local Event and Venue directory listing for your area absolutely free. No matter what your requirement is Pxier has a solution for you.

Online Catering Reservation software option

The online catering reservation is a lot like the event reservation system. The customer is asked to book the time, date and duration of the service. However, instead of choosing a venue from your list, they are asked to feed the venue address into the field. They are asked to fill in their details and are asked to choose from a catering menu displaying your many packages and services. Your foods & beverage packages may include breakfast, dinner, lunch, buffet, cocktails, mocktails, and alcoholic beverages. It will also entail rental services like microphones, speakers, and projectors. There is an option to create custom packages to include any number of services and products you offer.

Once the food for the catering event is decided by the customer, he or she is forwarded to the invoice page. The invoice has a detailed summary of all the products, services, taxes and miscellaneous expenses. Finally, the client lands on the payment gateway. Pxier supports all major Credit cards and Debit Cards along with most contemporary payment methods.

event booking software

Pxier's Online Event ReservationHow it works

event booking software

Integrating with Pxier

Once you have partnered with Pxier, our event booking software would be integrated into your official webpage so that customers can directly make an online reservation from your website once they are satisfied with the catalog.

event booking software

Choosing an Event

First, they will be asked to fill in fields such as event date & time, number of guests, duration, and themes & styles of the venues. The number of guests will determine the kind of hall available. The prospective client will also be asked to choose the event type. Breakfasts, lunches, birthday & New Year's eve parties, Christmas dinners are all examples of event types. The system will notify the client if the particular hall or service is not available for a specific duration on any given date and time. You can also customize every field and add additional fields to collect extra data.

event booking software

Making the Payment

Pxier supports most major payment gateways and methods. It supports all the popular credit cards and debit cards. Once the invoice is verified by the customer he can checkout with his shopping cart to the payment gateway. The event is booked as soon as the booking fee is paid but the whole expense for the entire fee can also be paid in advance.

event booking software

Walkthrough with specialist

Request a NO obligation and FREE demo of our Banquet Software and Online module with our specialist today.

Our customer representive will walk through features relevant to your business as well as clarify any questions, concerns you may have regarding our solution completely FREE!

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Try it yourself

Try the event booking software youself. For valid requests, we will send credentials to try it yourself

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